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Who We Are

Who we are: Car Glo, a division of specialize in extreme and unique maintenance and protection systems for Cars, Bikes, Boats and Aircraft.  Car Glo uses two of the most unique and reputed systems available Globally. Both systems are certified for Aviation use.

  • Colorglo

    A unique and award winning system by designed to clean, condition, repair and restore colour to your car leather and other interior panels. The system meets and exceeds OEM specifications. The Color Glo system is also FAA certified.

  • Glare

    A distinctly different formulation of Car Polish and Paint Protection coating that will leave your car with a Durable High Gloss Coating – our promise to you: a Wet Look, an incomparably Deep Gloss mirror finish with a distinctive reflection.


Our Services

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Quality Assurance

Designed and manufactured in the USA to OEM specifications.

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A glass coating so smooth , water to glide off without resistance.

Extreme Protection

Its like an invisible raincoat for your car. Heat resistance up to 650 degrees Fahrenheit.

Approved Products

Glare is approved by Boeing, so just imagine how good it is for your car or bike.

Our Packages

Full Car Detailing

Includes :

A full interior and exterior detail.

CarGlo Paint Protection

Includes :

7-Stage Paint Protection Process by CarGlo with your choice of a 2, 5, 10 or 20 year seal and guarentee. Also includes a HIGH GLOSS FINISH on the completion of the paint protection.

Leather Protection

Includes :

Deep clean of your cars leather interior / a 12-month Leather Protection and seal.

Age Stop for Leather & Vinyl

Includes :

Age stop is a product designed to literally stop the aging process of your cars leather and vinyl by acting as a protective seal around the material. This treatment is backed by a 12-month guarantee & warranty

The Complete Package


Includes :

2 Year Paint Protection
Full Interior Leather Protection
High Gloss Finish

For More

For large car, van or truck enquiries – please call our friendly team at +91 9741401155  for an instant over the phone quote!

Our Blog

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