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Car Glo is

  • Colorglo

    A unique and award winning system by colorlgo.in designed to clean, condition, repair and restore colour to your car leather and other interior panels. The system meets and exceeds OEM specifications. The Color Glo system is also FAA certified.

  • Glare

    A distinctly different formulation of Car Polish and Paint Protection coating that will leave your car with a Durable High Gloss Coating – our promise to you: a Wet Look, an incomparably Deep Gloss mirror finish with a distinctive reflection.

Why use Car Glo

Our Director and Master Trainer is a highly skilled and knowledgeable Australian National who has brought both systems to India. He is obsessed with Optimum Quality and aspires for only the best result at all times. Our staff are trained to international standards. Our clients are always impressed with their skills, talents and attitude.

Social Responsibility:

Car Glo is acutely aware of the importance of preserving our Planet. That’s why we use water based products for the restoration of the interior of cars.

We are also the Exclusive distributors and retail outlet for the worlds most advanced Waterless Car Wash.


A little bit about Glare® and Glass Plexin®

The Glass Plexin® is our secret! The unique formulation leaves a hard layer of glass over your entire car including glass, rubber, plastics and headlights, yet still allows the paint or unpainted surface to breathe. The coating can withstand a temperature of up to 650 degrees Fahrenheit and will not burn off Motorcycle Tailpipes. The coating will therefore shield you paint against damaging and harsh UV rays. Water often contains harsh chemicals which have the tendency to stain the painted and unpainted surfaces. Car Glo has a product for car Glass, Moulded rubber and plastic exterior and interior parts, Tyres and more.

Our revolutionary speciality Detailer for Matt finish painted surfaces. This product is unique in its characteristics and is formulated with our New Camo-Adaptive Technology™.  A must for every car or bike with matt finish paint.

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