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Audi TTS by CarGlo

tts7 tts2 tts3 tts5 tts6 tts8 tts9 tts10 tts1 tts4 Services Include: Paint Correction, 2 Year Paint Protection, Full Detailing (Interior + Exterior) These pictures were taken just over a month after we did the inital paint protection process. This was the cars paint after a carwash. Washing your car becomes so much easier and quicker once your paint is protected. The water simply runs off the paint and afterwards, your car looks like it has just undergone our paint protection process all over again.

Holden GTS 2015 – 20 Year Protection

holden7 holden9 Reflection in the paint of house across the road holden4 Reflection in the bonnet of the clouds - High Gloss Mirror effect holden6 This client choose to go with our 20 Year Protection over the protection sold at the dealership when he purchased his car. This car was brand new when we protected it. Service: Full Detail (Exterior & Interior) + Paint Correction + 20 Year Paint Protection + High Gloss Finish.   Please see progress and final result pictures below. This job was...

White Audi A5 2015

audia1 audia2 audia3 audia4 audia5 audia6 IMG_20160617_171822 White Audi A5 Convertible 2015 Full Detail + 2 Year Paint Protection Seal Process: We start with the Paint Protection and finish with the full detail which includes a detail of both the cars interior and exterior. We masked the top of the car to make sure that the material was protected. This is a protective measure we take with every car we protect.  Even brand new cars need paint correction, swell removal, bug and tar removal and protection.

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