Porsche Cayenne – Full CarGlo Service

Porsche Cayenne – Full CarGlo Service


This is a Porsche Cayenne that we worked on recently. The paint had serious swell marks and stone chips. Although the car was not old, we find that many cars have swell marks in their paint even straight from the dealers. We did a full process on this car: Full 2 Year Paint Protection, Interior Protection and Finished with a High Gloss Finish. This red came up spectacular and we and the client, we extremely pleased with the results.

We used a full 5 Yr Paint Protection Seal on the paint which is a full 7 stage process. We always start with washing the car well, normally twice through to make sure that no loose stones or dirt left on the paints surface. After we have washed the car, we continue with the next 6 steps in protecting the paint and finished with a High Gloss Finish.

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